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iPhone 5S new graphite colour revealed in leak video

The iPhone 5S has popped up again today, with a hands-on comparison of the iPhone 5 and Apple's new blower, assembled from leaked bits and bobs.

For your second helping of iPhone 5S leakery today -- after this morning's specs sheet -- we have this in-depth hands-on video, courtesy of deal-finders

It's a slightly odd 'reveal', because as the presenter explains, they've basically sourced all the components needed to make an iPhone 5S and then put them together. The bits don't all match, so it has a white front and a new black and grey back -- from a new 'graphite' colour option, which will supposedly replace the standard black iPhone.

Next to the iPhone 5, it's hard to tell the difference. As we saw this morning, the screen is exactly the same size (and resolution) and the chassis is the same size and shape too. If this is what the 5S looks like (and take this with a pinch of salt), it's very much the incremental upgrade we've been expecting.

There are a few tweaks from the last generation clearly visible -- the home button no longer has a rounded white square on it, apparently to make way for a fingerprint scanner, and the camera now has a dual LED flash for more nuanced illumination. If this morning's specs are accurate, that's backed up by a wider aperture f/2.0 lens and faster 120fps video capture.

uSwitch says it sourced the components from suppliers with the help of notorious leaker Sonny Dickson, while iPhone repair specialists bolted it all together.

As well as white and the new graphite black options, Apple is widely expected to launch a champagne gold colour iPhone 5S, alongside a rainbow of plastic iPhone 5C models.

Which colour iPhone 5S are you going to plump for? Would you prefer a more colourful range of high-end iPhones? Colour me surprised in the comments, or on our colourful Facebook page.