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iPhone 5C spied running iOS 7 in brief leaked video

Usually glimpsed in component leaks, the plastic iPhone 5C has been spotted on video -- one day ahead of its likely launch.

Apple's long-rumoured plastic iPhone has been spied in video, showing off the iOS 7 homescreen, and the phone's Safari browser.

The smart phone is tipped to be called the iPhone 5C and come in a range of colourful hues. It's been frequently pictured in pictures and videos of leaked casing and components, but the brief clip embedded below looks to show a glossy, rounded mobile, suggesting we could be looking at a fully-assembled iPhone 5C.

The video, which surfaced on a Chinese video-hosting site and was spotted by Phone Arena, is very short, but shows a mysterious finger swiping at the phone's homescreen, and the opening of the Safari browser app.

Of course, there's no way of knowing for sure whether this is the iPhone 5C -- it could be a modified iPhone 5 running iOS 7 for example, or another handset that's been tweaked to run Apple's software. As such, it's still worth taking the clip with a pinch or two of salt.

We don't have long to wait before we find out, as Apple will show off its newest iPhone efforts at an event tomorrow, which the iPad-maker coyly teases will 'brighten everyone's day'. Sounds like a new range of colours, non?

Ahead of Apple's press conference, loads of details concerning the company's newest smart phones are spilling out.

Apple is also expected to lift the lid on a high-end 'iPhone 5S'. We've seen leaked specs that point to a new A7 processor, and persistent rumours of a fingerprint scanner.

As if that's not enough, expect to see that revamped metal iPhone in a champagne-ish gold hue, and perhaps a new graphite colour option too.

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