iPhone 5 tipped to sport 8-pin connector with MagSafe powers

The next iPhone could play host to a brand new 8-pin connector, that can be plugged in upside down.

More tasty morsels regarding the iPhone 5 have been spotted, with new reports tipping Apple's upcoming toy to play host to a brand new type of dock connector.

iLounge cites 'previously reliable' sources who reckon the new iPhone's power hole will connect with only eight pins. That's less than the 19-pin connector that was whispered of recently, and the new power port is also tipped to come with a brand new name.

Apple's next iPhone could shave literally seconds off your nightly routine, as its new charging tech is also rumoured to work when you plug it in upside down, just like the Mac-powered MagSafe port.

Personally I'd like to see the magnetic element introduced too, which could prevent your expensive mobile being accidentally catapulted across the room as you stumble, hungover through a nest of charging cables in the morning because you never did get round to buying that wire tidy thing.

A slew of snaps purporting to show the iPhone 5 have already leaked over the last few months, so we've had the opportunity to get a good look at the smaller, more compact charging pit that's occupying its underbelly. That said, iLounge's sources say that so far no pictures of the actual connector have appeared yet.

Those of you who own old Apple chargers or music docks (that's everyone, then) may be relieved to hear that the House of iPod is reportedly plotting a nifty 30-pin adaptor, that will drag your existing tech away from the edge of the pit of obsolescence.

iLounge also reports that Apple is cooking up a new iOS 6 feature for gadgets that feature Bluetooth 4, pairing devices together to share their abilities. For example, a paired iPad and iPhone could let you make calls on your tablet, or another pairing could see iMessages popping up on your iPod touch.

The fabled phone is due this autumn, with 12 September pegged by several sources as the day we'll see it unveiled.

Should Apple tinker with its power tech? Would you like fancy new charging abilities? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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