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iPhone 5 second spy shot surfaces, but is it fake?

A second sneaky photo supposedly showing the iPhone 5 has materialised, showing a slimmer device with what appears to be a larger display. But is it the real deal?

Magnifying glasses out! Another photo purporting to show Apple's iPhone 5 has appeared, and seems to show a thinner mobile, with a slimmer bezel and rounded edges.

The sneaky photo was posted to MacRumor's forums, and supposedly was shot in the office of a French phone network. It's much clearer than the spy photo that popped up last week, but on the other hand, a well-posed image is arguably more likely to be a fake.

The hands in the photo look suspiciously more blurry than the phone itself. Perhaps the original photo of the hands was blurred to give the impression of a zoomed-in shot, then the mock-up of the phone was placed over the top.

Also suspect is the fact there doesn't appear to be a volume rocker or mute switch, at least not on the left side of the device, which is where those things appear on current and previous iterations of the iPhone.

The image does match something of what we've heard about the iPhone 5, however. The wide display for one thing, and the rounded design. That said, leaked case schematics suggested a smoothly curved back plate, while this device seems to have only gently rounded corners.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but that could be the slightly wider home button we've been hearing about.

The silver stripe around the edge looks like the iPhone 4's external antenna, though we would hope Apple has figured out a way to solve the embarrassing signal attenuation issue that plagues the current iPhone. 

Indeed, more than anything else this device just looks like a slightly squashed iPhone 4, which would chime with reports that the iPhone 5 will be an incremental update, rather than a radical overhaul.

We won't know for sure until Apple gets off its backside and announces the darn thing. We're expecting that to happen in September, though we've heard whispers of an October release, and even seen job postings that hint that the iPhone 5 could be only a few weeks away.

Do you think the image above is genuine? Or a sneaky fake? Educate us in the comments section below, or on our entirely un-Photoshopped Facebook page