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iPhone 5 could launch in October, not September, tension now unbearable

Reports have surfaced suggesting the iPhone 5 could launch in October, and not in September as previously expected. A whole extra month to wait?!

The next iPhone will be launching in October, AllThingsD is reporting, and not September, as just about everyone on the planet previously thought.

One recent tidbit hinting at a September release for the iPhone 5 was a Gizmodo report that employees of AT&T (a major American network) had been denied holiday requests for the last two weeks of September, "due to an event blackout".

But AllThingsD's sources (who are apparently familiar with the matter) slam that rumour. "I don't know why AT&T's calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it's not for an iPhone launch." They reckon October is launch month.

Our first response is to moan loudly like a grumpy buffalo. We've already waited months longer than expected for the iPhone 5, and the lactic acid buildup in our posteriors induced by anticipative buttock-clenching is reaching near-explosive levels.

But employing Sherlock-like deductive reasoning, it occurs to us that the iPhone 5 could be announced in September, but not make it into shops until October, potentially making both reports accurate. Though that would mean the AT&T holiday block -- if it is real -- would probably be for something else.

We've heard a tonne of rumours that September would be the month of the iPhone 5, and even seen job postings that hinted at a mid-August release, so until more information leaks out, there's no way of knowing for sure. Predictions as to the device itself, however, are starting to fall into line -- we're expecting the iPhone 5 to feature a wide display, the iPad 2's faster processor, possibly a larger home screen button and a curved back.

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