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iPhone 4S picked up by three more regional carriers

Bluegrass Cellular in Kentucky, Golden State Cellular in California, and Nex-Tech Wireless in Kansas will be getting custody of Apple's flagship phone as of May 18.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Mobile subscribers of three more regional carriers will soon have access to the latest iPhones.

Kentucky's Bluegrass Cellular, California's Golden State Cellular, and Kansas' Nex-Tech Wireless are next on the regional list to carry Apple's iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Among the three carriers, Bluegrass Cellular and Nex-Tech Wireless spilled the most beans. Both confirmed on their Web sites that on May 18, each would start offering its customers all three models of the iPhone 4S, and at prices $50 less than those charged by the three nationwide carriers.

The 16GB version will sell for $149.99, the 32GB for $249.99, and the 64GB for $349.99, all with the usual two-year contract. Both carriers will also offer the iPhone 4 for $49.99.

Offering further incentive to buy the phone, Nex-Tech Wireless subscribers will get unlimited data and messaging as part of the package. Bluegrass Cellular users will also receive unlimited messaging but will be restricted to 3GB of data each month.

"Bluegrass Cellular is pleased to offer iPhone 4S to our customers throughout the Bluegrass service area nationwide," Bluegrass Cellular president and CEO Ron Smith said in a statement. "We will give iPhone customers unparalleled service as they experience this amazing device and its unique features and applications on our network, wherever they go.

Golden State Cellular was mum about the iPhone on its Web site, but the company confirmed the news in an e-mail to CNET.

In line with the other two carriers, GSC will offer the same models and prices, and also launch the phone on May 18.

"Golden State Cellular is thrilled to bring this amazing device to the network offering the most local coverage in California," GSC general manager Lawrence Moore said. "iPhone 4S is in high demand, and our customers are going to love using its innovative features on our network."

The carriers join five other regional carriers who launched the new iPhone last month. Such carriers typically provide better prices and plans to their local subscribers than what Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint offer their customers.