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iPhone 4S gets wireless charging thanks to UK modder

An ambitious tinkerer has given his iPhone the power of wireless charging.

An ambitious tinkerer has bestowed the power of wireless charging upon his iPhone 4S, with a modification that sees Apple's prized smart phone pulled apart and put back together with all-new components.

Essex-based Tanveer Islam is the chap behind the creative hack. He uploaded a video explaining exactly how to modify your iPhone, which will gain the power to charge itself without being tethered to a boring old power cable.

Explaining that, "this is a difficult mod which you undertake at your own risk," Islam quickly guts his iPhone 4S, soldering a spare charging port onto a wireless charger receiver and stuffing it all inside.

The process adds 1mm onto the thickness of the handset, but that's a lot less cumbersome than the chunky cases you need to presently cloak an iPhone with if you want to charge your phone without plugging it in.

Cracking open your iPhone to perform this kind of tinkering will invalidate your warranty so be warned, wannabe modders.

Islam has also created a spoof Apple ad showcasing his wirelessly-powered iPhone's charging abilities and starring his younger brother Shakeel. I've embedded that below along with the instruction video, for anyone who's feeling especially bold.

The initial clip was uploaded in May but has recently gained popularity, even as anticipation for the iPhone 5 builds. Wireless charging was a rumoured feature for the Samsung Galaxy S3, but sadly that never materialised. Could Apple get one up on Samsung by sneaking the tech into its next mobile? Let me know what you'd like to see from Apple's sixth smart phone in the comments or over on our Facebook wall.