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iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S: Extreme rally challenge video 2

Welcome to our second annual extreme rally video challenge, where we find out which of the year's finest mobile devices helps keep you most productive in hostile commuting situations.

Welcome, one and all, to our second annual extreme rally challenge -- the video where we find out which of the year's finest mobile devices helps you stay productive in hostile commuting situations. Last year, it was the iPhone vs the humble netbook but this time around, we've upped the ante by pitting the iPhone 4 against the Samsung Galaxy S.

To complete the challenge, we enlisted the help of WRC World Rally Championship driver Dani Sordo and borrowed Citroen's €90,000 (£75,280) DS3 R3 rally car -- a stripped down, powered up version of the excellent DS3 hot hatchback. We headed to a private rally circuit just outside Paris and let the extreme mobile productivity games begin!

The rules of engagement were simple: the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S would be tested over the course of two flying laps. Each phone would be allotted one lap in order to complete three rapid-fire challenges.

Challenge 1 

Test text-handling ability by writing a short document. That document will be a pangram -- a sentence containing every letter of the alphabet. On the iPhone, we'll used the standard touch keypad, while on the Galaxy S, we'll use the Swype input system, which lets users drag their fingers over a sequence of letters to form a word, rather than tapping individual keys.

Challenge 2 

Test the phone's on-board camera by taking a self-portrait at high speed. The photo with the most clarity, least blur and best detail wins. 

Challenge 3

Test the phone's ergonomic design, feel and the accuracy of its accelerometer by setting a high score on Labyrinth Lite. The phone that helps us reach the highest level over a single lap wins.

The phone that's most successful at completing these challenges will be declared the winner. No 'ifs', no 'ands' and no 'but the test wasn't very scientific, whinge whinge whinges'. The winner.

That's enough talking. Hit the play button above to see the challenge in its entirety then commence the inter-handset flame wars in our comments section below. Start your engines!