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iPads are cooler, S3 and iPhone problems in Phone News video

In this week's Phone News, we titter at a judge saying the iPad is cool and sigh at problems you've had with the Galaxy S3 and iPhone.

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Love the world of mobile phones but far too busy being rich and attractive to keep up on the latest news? You're in luck, as I'm here to serve you some bite-sized chunks of delicious phone news in this smashing video.

This week, a judge rules Samsung tablets aren't as cool as Apple's, the iPhone and Galaxy S3 are causing massive headaches and Nokia's excellent PureView technology is finally coming to Windows Phone.

First up, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab you're just not as cool as iPad users, at least according to a judge's ruling here in good old sunny Britain. In what can be considered a monumentally back-handed compliment, the UK judge explained that Samsung's slate doesn't infringe on Apple's patents as it doesn't have anything like the "understated and extreme simplicity possessed by the Apple design".

The ruling is just the latest page in the ever-expanding tale of Apple and Samsung's legal battles, with Apple furiously claiming that Samsung has ripped off its products, right down to the packaging. Its slate might be uncool, but Samsung is counting this verdict as a win.

It's not all rosy news for Samsung though, as its Galaxy S3 superphone -- along with the iPhone -- has had its fair share of user complaints, according to a huge survey of your moans about phones by tech support site FixYa.

It's compiled a bunch of common complaints about the big phones to see what's been troubling you and it seems the brand-new Galaxy S3 has problems with the microphone, difficulties in hearing people on a call, and the signal disappearing for minutes at a time. Uncool.

The iPhone 4S' biggest annoyance is its battery life, with plenty of you moaning that it just doesn't last long enough. The solution? Turn off your location services, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, push notifications -- basically everything that makes it even slightly useful. The site also lists a bunch of complaints about other phones, so if you've had problems yourself, head on over and see if there's a solution. And make sure to let me know all about it on our awesome and totally not faulty Facebook page.

Finally, is Nokia's supercharged camera-phone technology ever going to make its way to Windows Phone? It seems the answer to that is yes, as a Nokia exec has confirmed that we'll be seeing it "very soon".

Still, don't expect to see anything before the end of the year at the earliest as it will surely be running on Windows Phone 8 -- expected around October -- rather than the existing Windows Phone 7 which Microsoft has just confirmed will not be receiving new updates.

We've seen PureView in action already on Nokia's 808 phone which is able to take pictures at a whopping 41-megapixel resolution. It's seriously impressive as a camera, but sadly it's been paired with the dying operating system Symbian, which is like being given a steak dinner with a side order of polio.

If, like me, you love the idea of a high-performing snapper built into your phone, keep your eyes peeled later in the year.

That's it from phone news for this week, but make sure to keep it CNET UK for all the latest news and leave your comments below, over on our Facebook page or hit me up on Twitter with @batteryhq.