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iPad only used once a week, say a quarter of owners

A quarter of iPad owners only use their iPad once a week according to new research -- and some don't use it at all.

A quarter of iPad owners only use their iPad once a week -- and some don't use it at all. According to new figures, 26 per cent of iPad users only use their Apple slate once a week, and 1 in 10 say they may not pick it up at all.

Less than half of owners, 42 per cent, say they use their iPad every day.

Of those who use their iPad less than once a week, half don't bother because they don't own a 3G model, so they can only use the iPad when they've got a Wi-Fi signal and not while wandering around. Several of those who don't use it say they just can't think of a need for it.

What?! Think harder! What about all those lovely apps? Flipboard? GarageBand and iMovie? What about reading ebooks, catching up on the news or watching movies? What about free video calls? What about Angry Birds and Infinity Blade? What about taking it in the bathroom?

If all that isn't enough for you, how about using your iPad as a DJ deck, video arcade or skateboard? Or you could eat your dinner off it.

1,531 British iPad owners were polled by discount site 14 per cent said they had been given the iPad as a gift and so never needed it in the first place. An iPad as a gift? They don't know they're born.

We wonder how the figures might be different for owners of Android tablets. We suspect that anyone choosing an Android tablet is probably a bit more tech-savvy and more likely to use their slate more often -- that's our theory anyway.

How often do you use your iPad? Has your tablet changed your life, or is it an expensive paperweight? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.