iPad 3 coming in March, February event something 'unusual'

Apple's iPad 3 is due in March, according to fresh reports from Japan, along with reports of a "strange" event taking place in Februrary.

The iPad 3 could be just around the corner, as new reports from sources in Japan indicate a March launch date, as well as a "strange" or "unusual" Apple event to take place later this month.

The news came via Japanese blog Macotakara, who had previously spoken of a February release but has corrected the report with a March date, claiming tips from "inside sources". The event this month is something else entirely.

We're never too keen on inside sources, as that roughly translates to "anyone or their grandma", and given Apple's tendency to keep all details of a new product under strict lock and key, we're taking these claims with a pinch of salt big enough to destroy all the slugs in the known universe.

It does, however, fall in line with more trusted reports from Bloomberg in January that production is in full flow for a late February or early March release. This would also tie in smartly with Apple's traditional spring release, so we're remaining pretty confident that we'll have a new tablet in our hands by April.

So what about this "strange event" that Macotakara mentions? We haven't been treated to any information other than it won't relate to a product launch, but rather a new service, similar to the education-centred iBooks 2 announcement Apple made in January. But again, given the dubious nature of these 'sources' we're happy to speculate on just about anything.

Indeed, we can't decide between the iHorse -- complete with iPod docks in the stirrups and a multi-touch capacitive mane -- and the iSkin, a sheath of thin latex that surgically replaces your own boring, human skin to allow you to watch videos and play games on your own epidermis. Actually, we'd sell our cat for both of those.

In the meantime, head on over to our full iPad 3 guide and let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook page about what you think of the upcoming tablet and, more importantly, what other nonsense you think this 'event' could be about.

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