iPad 3 and HTC Ville leak, Samsung decides in Phone Week

In this phone news video round-up we've got more bad news from Samsung, but exciting rumours of the iPad 3's chip and the new HTC Ville.

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Gather round, phone fans -- it's that time of the week you've all been waiting for. Amie Parker-Williams is here to tell you everything you need to know about the week in the world of mobile telecommunication devices, through the medium of video.

First up is the iPad 3 -- not strictly a phone, we know, but we've seen images purportedly showing its diagnostic info suggesting that Apple's next tablet will sport a quad-core A6 processor -- a chip we're also hoping to see in the iPhone 5.

Samsung has come out of hiding and announced that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will maybe probably definitely not be coming out at Mobile World Congress later this month, and neither will it arrive in March.

"The successor to the Galaxy S2 smart phone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to a commercial availability of the product," Samsung told us. Looks like we've still got a wait ahead of us, folks.

A blurry video has appeared on our radar offering us grainy images of the rumoured HTC Ville, a slim new smart phone that appears to be packing Ice Cream Sandwich. Hopefully HTC won't disappoint us, a la Samsung, and will unveil this sparkly new phone at MWC in Barcelona. Viva la Ville! And any other potential HTC handsets too.

In other news, Amie has been floating, Mary Poppins-style, high above London to check out the London Eye, which has had a tech makeover thanks to the addition of some Samsung Galaxy Tabs. CNET UK's Rich Trenholm has been bad-mouthing smart phones for their bugs and atrocious batteries, and the rest of the team spent this week's podcast debating whether technology has ruined real life.

Hit play on the video above for a full round-up of this week's phone news. If there's a phone you're excited to see this year at MWC, or if smart phones are pushing your buttons in all the wrong ways, do let us know by typing your comments in the special box below or making your way over to our Facebook page.