iPad 2 video review gives the skinny on Apple's super-thin tablet

At last, the iPad 2 has landed on Blighty's fair shores. Check out our video review to find out whether Apple's latest tablet is worth £399 or more of your hard-earned lucre.


At last, the iPad 2 has landed on Blighty's fair shores. But, before you plant £399 or more in the hand of an Apple representative, check out our video review to make sure the company's latest tablet is the right device for you.

As CNET UK's tame Canadian, Flora Graham, points out in the video above, the iPad 2 is very similar to the original iPad. It runs the same finger-friendly software, looks alike, and packs a touchscreen of an identical size and resolution. 

But the few tweaks that Apple has made are definitely worthwhile. Most notably, the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter, which is good news for your forearms. It also packs a faster dual-core processor and sports a pair of cameras, so you can make naked video calls to other iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch users.

Most importantly, the iPad 2 is a joy to use. It's incredibly fast and smooth, and the App Store is packed full of great apps that will keep you procrastinating indefinitely. Android tablets may offer more ports and greater flexibility, but the iPad 2 is yet to be surpassed in terms of sheer fun.

Ever since it was announced, we've been covering the iPad 2 like butter on a crumpet, so head to our roundup page to find out everything you could possibly want to know about Apple's latest offspring.

  • Video produced by Drew Stearne and Alper Cagatay. Presented by Flora Graham.
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