iOS 6.1.4 out now: tweaks speakerphone, er, that's it

The latest update for the iPhone 5 is here, but be warned, it's not exactly revolutionary.

A software update for the iPhone 5 is out now, so get downloading.

iOS 6.1.4 brings an "updated audio profile for speakerphone", and, er, that's it. Presumably it should improve the sound quality over speakerphone, but Apple hasn't said how it'll work, or exactly what it'll do.

Because the update only improves the speakerphone, it's only available for the iPhone 5, not the iPad or iPod touch. You can update either over Wi-Fi, or through iTunes -- for a full walkthrough, check out Apple's guide.

Apple released iOS 6.1.3 just a few weeks ago, in order to make the handset more secure. Wily phone fans spotted a security vulnerability in the iPhone's software, which meant anyone who got their mitts on your blower could access the Phone function without entering a passcode. In other words, anyone could listen to your voicemails and see your contacts -- until iOS 6.1.3 put the kibosh on it, that is.

iOS 6.1.3 improved the Maps app in Japan as well, but that's it, so it was a similarly 'meh' upgrade.

But iOS 7, however, that's the update we're waiting for. It'll mark the first time design supremo Jony Ive has taken the reigns on the software side of things, so plenty of changes are in store. New email and calendar apps are on the cards, along with a new 'flat' look, elbowing out the faux-3D effects and virtual gloss. The Maps app and Siri could also find their way into your car, so let's hope Apple improves Maps sooner rather than later.

iOS 7 is due to be announced on 10 June at the WWDC conference. We'll bring you all the news as it happens. Until then, give iOS 6.1.4 a look and let me know what you reckon below in the comments, or on our Facebook page.