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Instagram for Android is robot-powered retro, out now

Instagram, the app that turns your photos into painfully trendy retro snaps, is out now on Android.

Instagram, the app that turns your smart phone photos into painfully trendy retro snaps, is out now for Android.

The hugely popular free app has been a staple of Apple's iOS platform for some time, with over 27 million registered users. Now it's finally made the jump to Google's robot-powered OS, enabling Android fans to be every bit as hip as iPhone owners.

For the uninitiated, Instagram uses your phone's camera to apply old-school filters to your snaps, simulating the Polaroid and Instamatic aesthetic of yesteryear.

The app only gives you a square to work with, so all your photos come out looking decidedly boxy, but that's in keeping with the retro snapper the app emulates. Once you've applied a filter and taken a photo, Instagram lets you upload your snap to your social network of choice.

The Android version appears to be missing the tilt-shift feature found on iOS, which lets you blur out select bits of your photo.

There's no denying Instagram lets you capture some lovely snaps, with a vintage look that's painfully charming. But I can't help but feel that our digital photos will already look rubbish in 30 years' time, without the need to make them look like they were snapped in the 70s.

I feel like we're cheating ourselves out of the opportunity to look back and say, "Oh the quality of this photo is so 2012, I can't believe we ever thought 8 megapixels looked good!" Before, presumably, hopping onto a space motorbike and flying to the moons of Jupiter.

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Download Instagram for Android here.