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Instagram arrives for Android

At long last, Instagram finally releases the Android version of its app.

Finally, after a long wait, Instagram has arrived for Android.

(Credit: Instagram)

The popular photography app has been around since October 2010, but only available to iPhone users. We Android users sat patiently, watching our friends uploading prettily filtered photos to Facebook and Twitter, wondering vaguely what the fuss was about, while rumours teased of a launch nebulously "soon".

The curiosity of the unknown was apparently enormous — over 430,000 users signed up to on the Instagram website to be notified of its arrival. We need wait no longer. Instagram is now available in Google Play.

It's not entirely the same as the iPhone version; the interface is more or less the same, but it's missing the tilt shift effect (boo). You can still upload your photos to your favourite social networking platform (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook), though perhaps that won't be seen as such a big deal, given how many other apps do the same thing.

According to Instagram's press page, Android users have a solid community to join — there are over 30 million registered users just on iPhone, who upload over 5 million photos a day — totalling over 1 billion photographs since the app's launch. Already nearly 17,000 users have rated the app.

Instagram for Android requires Android 2.2 or higher, and is currently only available for phones.