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Infrared glass heating system doubles as wall decor

New LAVA Designs panels from Warmly Yours promise clean warmth and efficient energy use with what resembles a blank canvas. We can't wait til these double as radiant beer signs.


Now you can hang wall decor that also warms your home. The LAVA Design Infrared Glass Heating System from WarmlyYours employs heat conductive glass technology that radiates heat evenly in multiple directions without combustion or forced air circulation.

The LAVA panel looks like a rectangular canvas or tile and comes in four models, ranging in heat capacity and price from 250W at $1,299 to 1000W at $2,299. WarmlyYours reps claim "homeowners may be able to lower the ambient room thermostat temperature by 2 degrees, saving up to 12 percent on their regular heating expenses."

It works with electricity, so there is some energy cost, but no moving parts means less dust and other allergy triggers. The device emits heat in three dimensions, but amazingly remains cool to the touch and therefore safe for houses with children.

WarmlyYours is presenting the panels at the ongoing 2011 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and positioning the panels as more than just enviro-friendly heating sources. They want to offer them up as room decor elements alongside a line of radiant electric heating solutions for any flooring surface and bathroom spas. For example, buyers can combine a LAVA panel with a LAVA bath bar (for hanging and warming towels) or a mirrored LAVA panel with light bars.

But if the flat panels are meant for use in any room, it's probably safe to assume WarmlyYours could print any design onto them.

College students could heat their dorm rooms with radiant beer signs. Goth kids could keep warm with those M.C. Escher prints and Edvard Munch paints they love to hang. My mom could stay snug during Wisconsin winters with the Audubon bird paintings she loves so much. And, if Playboy of Penthouse get ahold of this technology, nerdy guys could end up hanging printed centerfolds that are as warm to touch as the real women they're less likely to invite into their basement apartments.