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Indiana Jones 4 on a Core Extreme?

Intel's new Core Extreme processor is gradually rolling out to the public at large, but it's always easier for the well-connected to be the first on their block with a new product.

As far as anyone can tell, it looks like famed director Steven Spielberg was one of the first people in the world to own a PC featuring a Core Extreme processor. Spielberg, director of films such as Jaws, E.T., and War of the Worlds, is a big fan of PCs from Falcon Northwest, and obtained the first Core Extreme PC built by the company in June, a month before the chips were available to the general public, according to sources familiar with the deal.

It seems Spielberg likes to play video games as much as the next guy, and of course he also dabbles in video production. With three upcoming films in preproduction, including the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series, according to, it looks like Spielberg is looking for a little extra processing power.

Intel's Core Exteme chip is the most powerful version of its new Core 2 Duo processors available, but it's also very expensive and not really worth the extra cost for most users. Spielberg can probably afford it, though. Core Extreme systems are also available from boutique PC companies like Voodoo PC and Alienware.

Spielberg's publicist said the director was on vacation and unable to immediately confirm the details. An Intel representative declined to comment, and Falcon Northwest did not immediately return a call seeking comment.