iCloud fixed after email issues, is iMessage struggling?

Apple says it's fixed an issue with iCloud, that saw customers unable to access older emails and sync documents.

Apple says it's fixed problems with iCloud that yesterday left customers struggling to access documents, and saw some folks reporting that all their old emails had been erased.

The issue, reported by 9to5Mac, saw people using Apple's Internet-based storage system unable to make it work properly. Apple updated its status page acknowledging the wobbles, and now seems to have things back under control, with all iCloud services reported as being 'online'.

The issue that caused delays in syncing documents across devices affected 50 per cent of customers, according to Apple's support site.

Meanwhile reports are surfacing that free messaging tool iMessage isn't working correctly, with the service seemingly failing to activate when you try and set it up with a phone number.

I tested this on an iPhone and found that when I turned iMessage off and back on again, it did indeed get stuck, with a 'waiting for activation' notice lingering. It was still possible to send iMessages using an email address, and when I turned the phone off and on again, it activated fine, so if you're having trouble I'd suggest trying this.

I can't spot any acknowledgement of the iMessage issues on Apple's behalf, but if you're struggling with either iMessage, iCloud or any other Apple service, pop a note in the comments. 

iCloud aims to make your photos, contacts, documents and other bits and bobs available to all your Apple-branded gadgets. The service launched in autumn last year, and recently hit the 150 million customers mark. Which is all well and good, as long as it's working.

Have you experienced iCloud raining on your cloud-storage parade? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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