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Ice Cream Sandwich uptake nearly doubled in the last month

Ice Cream Sandwich's popularity is increasing, ever so slowly. The latest version is now running on 2.9 per cent of Android devices.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is slowly becoming more popular, and is now sitting pretty on 2.9 per cent of Android devices, according to stats published on Android's developer site.

You'd be correct in thinking that 2.9 per cent doesn't seem like a whole lot, but at least it's progress. In the first week of March, we reported that the latest version of Google's mobile operating system was running on a mere 1.6 per cent of Android smart phones and tablets.

In a little under a month, the number of Android devices running version 4.0 or above has nearly doubled, although it still only represents a tiny slice of the total Android pie.

In early January Ice Cream Sandwich was only running on 0.6 per cent of Android devices. Gingerbread meanwhile is still the dominant version of Android, running on 63.7 per cent of kit, up from 63 per cent in early March.

It's good to see Ice Cream Sandwich finally gaining some momentum, and of course this is down to manufacturers finally getting their act together and updating devices. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is being updated at last -- albeit slowly -- and the update is winging its way to HTC Sensation and Sensation XE devices across the globe.

Many companies are still dragging their heels though, and I have to say I'm very disappointed with the way this latest update has been handled. It's been nearly five months since the update was released to developers, which is a long time in the tech world.

I don't wish to start a riot with the comparison, but I'm sure a few die-hard 'droid fans will have looked on enviously as iOS users see all their gadgets updated simultaneously.

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