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Hulu to show Superbowl ads. New beta invites available now.

Advertising is a sport, isn't it?

Surely a high point in Superbowl advertising history: GoDaddy's 2005 commercial.

I am man enough to admit that I am not a big football fan. Superbowl? Sure, I Tivo it. For the ads. This year, I'll be checking out Hulu's Superbowl site after the game. The site promises that all the ads will be up right after the game ends, in high-quality streams.

I like Hulu. When I travel, I tune in to it on my laptop instead of a hotel's TV. The service always has something dumb to watch, thanks to its relationships with network TV providers.

Hulu is still in private beta but there are 2,000 new Hulu invites waiting for Webware readers. The Superbowl archive won't go live until after the game, but you can nab your invite now.