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HTC revenue drops 35%, Samsung profits double

Things aren't looking good for HTC, as it's revealed its revenue dropped 35 per cent this quarter year-on-year.

HTC has released its unaudited financial results for the first three months of 2012. And things aren't looking too good.

Total revenue fell 34.9 per cent compared with the same period last year. Ouch. Samsung, meanwhile, is sitting pretty, anticipating its operating profits will double compared to the first three months of 2011.

I don't want to get too deep into the financials, but every category listed by HTC is a fraction of what it was when compared to the same period in 2011. You can take a look for yourself right here.

This all chimes with how last year ended as well. In the final three months of 2011, HTC profits fell 25 per cent, with sales falling 20.3 per cent on the same period in 2010. Samsung, meanwhile, had a massive 73 per cent jump in profits, totting up an astonishing £2.9bn in three months. Cause for celebration if ever I've heard of one.

So, more than ever is at stake on the success of HTC's One series. The One S scored four-and-a-half out of five in our review, proving not too big but not too small, with just enough power to satisfy all but the most demanding of Android fans. And the One X didn't do too badly either, notching four out of five. If you're after a big and powerful phone, the only drawback to the One X is the battery life.

Samsung, meanwhile, knocked our socks off with the Galaxy S2, although left us cold with news that the SIM-free variant will be the last to get the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. Hopefully the highly-anticipated Galaxy S3 will right that wrong -- though if you believe Samsung, it's already here.

So what's happened to HTC? Can it stage a comeback? What will it have to do? And does Samsung deserve this success? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or over on our Facebook page.