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HTC plotting Surface-rival Windows RT tablets, reports say

The Taiwanese firm is rumoured to be cooking up 7- and 12-inch devices that will also be able to make calls.

HTC is dreaming up two new Windows tablets that would go head-to-head with Microsoft's own-brand Surface device, if rumours are to be believed.

The One X-maker is planning a 12-inch device, with a smaller 7-inch version supposedly in the works too, according to Bloomberg, which cites a "person familiar with the company's plans".

The tablets will be powered by Windows RT, the slate-centric version of Windows 8 that's currently sitting pretty on the Surface tablet. Windows RT is very much like Windows 8, with the notable difference that it only lets you install programs via Microsoft's app shop.

The tablets will reportedly be able to make calls, which would mean a SIM-card slot and some odd looks from strangers as you clutch a massive tablet to your head.

The ability to ring your pals from your tablet would set these mystery devices apart from their Apple and Android rivals. But the necessary components would probably drive the price up too, potentially moving the tablets away from the Nexus 7's staggeringly low £160 price tag.

HTC was reportedly barred from taking part in the first round of Windows 8 devices, but I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft is eager to get the Taiwanese firm on board now. With tepid Surface reviews marring the launch of Ballmer and pals' first tablet and reports of sluggish Windows 8 adoption, Microsoft will be looking to give its new software a shot in the arm.

HTC doesn't have a great track record when it comes to tablets, but would you buy one of its Windows RT devices? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.