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HTC One X tested in video: Great camera, bad battery

HTC's flagship phone has been thoroughly tested, and the news is generally good. But if you need long battery life, look elsewhere.

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Reading the spec list of the HTC One X, it looks like it has everything the hard-core early adopter could want. Quad-core chip? Check. Massive screen with a high resolution? Check. 8-megapixel camera that can shoot 1080p video? Yep.

But what the spec sheet won't tell you is there's a price to pay for all this power, and it's the battery, which didn't last very long on the review phone Natasha was given to test.

One thing Natasha did like though was the new version of HTC's Sense software, which changes much of the standard Android Ice Cream Sandwich experience for something sleeker. Although one downside to that is that you won't get software updates to your phone as fast as you will with, say, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which uses the vanilla version of Android.

Watch the video review above to see Natasha's full take on the phone, find out more about its integration with Dropbox and what happens if you push the edges of the screen too hard.

When you're done, head over to her HTC One X review and leave a comment there.