HTC M8 could leave us hanging until late March

New rumours suggest the troubled HTC's new flagship phone the M8 could be unveiled later than we'd hoped.

The HTC M8, hotly-tipped sequel to the HTC One, could leave us hanging a little longer than we hoped. Rumours suggested the troubled company's new flagship phone could be unveiled next month, but a new tip suggests it'll be towards the end of March instead.

Reliable Twitter tipster @evleaks reckons it's "starting to look like a late March launch" for the M8, in New York.

Rumours are flying about the M8, which could be a make or break device for the ailing HTC. Word on the street is that the M8 -- or One 2, or whatever it's called -- will have a 5-inch, 1080p screen, fractionally bigger than the current, pictured above. There's also talk of a mini version of the M8.

Previous release date hints came from, of all people, a British judge who let slip the M8's possible release date in a court case before Christmas. His honourable m'lud hinted at a February or March reveal, which suggested we could see the phone make its debut at phone extravaganza Mobile World Congress next month. But if the big unveiling isn't until March, HTC is deliberately sidestepping MWC to differentiate the M8 from the pack.

Either way, we'll be at MWC in force to bring you up-to-the-minute news, previews, videos and hands-on first impressions of all the coolest kit. 

What do you want to see from the M8? Is this a critical phone for HTC? Let me know in the comments.

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