HTC Endeavour C2 leaks as One X sequel, out by 1 October

HTC's One X follow-up has leaked online and it's tipped to be a 1.7GHz monster.

HTC's follow-up to the One X has leaked online and it's tipped to be a 1.7GHz monster that will go on sale in less than two months.

Stuff cites a 'trusty mole' at HTC who has divulged the mysterious mobile's specifications, including its cryptic codename, the 'HTC Endeavour C2'.

The sequel to the quad-core One X is reckoned to work with its predecessor's accessories, suggesting that the C2 will boast the same slim, curvy frame as HTC's current flagship.

The One X boasts a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and that eye-watering chip is tipped to be boosted to an even speedier 1.7GHz -- a clock speed that matches earlier rumours regarding HTC's next smart phone.

A new colour is promised, though exactly which new hue this monster mobile will adopt remains a mystery. Personally I'm hoping HTC can take the opportunity to address the shortage of turquoise phones currently available.

As with other recent HTC efforts, Beats headphones will be bundled in the box (just don't wear them at the Olympics), while software treats will include HTC Watch 2, an on-demand video app and ClearVoice, which is designed to improve call quality.

Stuff reckons the One X successor will be on sale 'on or before' 1 October, and is tipped to cost £5 per month more than the One X. I wouldn't expect Endeavour C2 to be the final name, but HTC is fond of bizarre monikers, so you never know.

Despite being the first quad-core smart phone to hit shop shelves, our tests prove the One X isn't quite as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S3. I'll be interested to see whether the bump to 1.7GHz can put this upcoming mobile on top in the performance stakes.

Are you intrigued by the Endeavour C2? Or would you rather own Samsung's quad-core offering? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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