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HP rolls out three new wallet-friendly printers for the home

HP today introduced several new imaging and printing products--including three versatile printers and a wireless print server--designed to deliver high-quality documents and lab-quality photos easily while increasing productivity and efficiency through

Yesterday I posted about the Epson Stylus NX400, a printer geared toward people with a limited budget. Well, it looks like HP is also looking to ramp up their low-cost printer line--today, they released three printers designed to increase efficiency in the home. Let's take a look:

HP Photosmart C4480 ($99) HP

Let's start with the HP Photosmart C4480, an All-in-One printer, scanner, and copier for $99. This one looks like it will be a direct competitor to the aforementioned Epson Stylus NX400. Both have multifunctionality and an LCD screen, but the HP is only 1.5 inches and fixed in place, while the NX400 bumps it up to a 2.5-inch tilt screen. The C4480 is a refresher of last year's Photosmart C4280. We were dissatisfied with the C4280's omission of a Pict-Bridge port and the subpar print quality, so we'll see if HP listened to our complaints when designing this year's model.

HP Deskjet D4360 ($69) HP

Next up we have the HP Deskjet D4360, a $69 bare-bones inkjet to be used for light photo printing and text documents. This one will be the best option for student and office workspaces that need to supplement their larger laser printer with a smaller, energy efficient printer.

HP Officejet J4680 ($130) HP

Finally, not to be confused with the Officejet J6480, the Officejet J4680 is HP's newest All-in-One wireless printer, reportedly delivering professional quality color photos at a lower cost per page than competitive laser printers when using HP's Officejet Inks. That's a lofty claim that we'll definitely put to the test.

The Photosmart C4480 and Deskjet D4360 are both available now on HP's Web site, and the Officejet J4680 will arrive in stores beginning in August.