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HP reportedly ready to unveil fate of WebOS

The company plans to hold an all-hands meeting tonight, likely to share the details of its mobile operating system.

Hewlett-Packard maybe ready to unveil the fate of its troubled mobile operating system, WebOS.

The company is planning an all-hands meeting tonight, led by newly installed CEO Meg Whitman, the Verge reported today. The company will likely share its plans for WebOS.

HP planned to unload its WebOS mobile platform business as part of a wider shift away from the consumer business. But even after the company opted to keep the PC unit, it persisted with its plans to shed WebOS. HP managed to introduce two smartphones and the TouchPad tablet before giving up on the business. All of the products sold poorly until retailers slashed the price of the TouchPad to $99.

Reuters reported that HP is looking to sell WebOS, where it could fetch hundreds of millions of dollars. That's a far cry from the $1.2 billion HP spent to buy the business, originally named Palm. Potential buyers include Amazon, Research in Motion, IBM, and Intel.