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HP launches smallest laser printer yet

It has a footprint about the size of a 15.4-inch notebook's.


Is your tiny desk space making you feel down? Do you have secret desires to dismember that elephantine beast your IT department calls a laser printer? Well, you can stop popping that Valium because HP has launched its smallest laser printer to date, the LaserJet P1005. Crave first learned of this black-and-white model last summer, but it's now available on the market.

Taking up about the same area as a 15.4-inch notebook, the printer claims to be able to push out its first copy in under 8.5 seconds (from the PowerSave mode) with an average speed of 14 pages per minute. It uses a special ink developed by HP--formed from perfectly spherical particles--which it says should give better image quality over other inks.

(Source: Crave Asia)