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How to own someone at Scramble With Friends

Thought you ruled the roost at Scramble With Friends? Wait until you see some seriously fast fingers redefine the concept of a high score.

Feel free to share your Scramble With Friends username in the comments. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

How many points do you usually score in a two-minute round of Scramble With Friends? In certain rounds, with double letters and triple-word bonuses, hundreds of points can quickly add up with each word found.

As with Boggle, the object of Scramble With Friends is to find as many words as you can in a jumbled grid of letters by connecting adjacent letters to form words. A fellow known on YouTube as thedotnetkid grew tired of people accusing him of cheating after he amassed thousands of points in mere minutes.

To silence the critics, he uploaded a video showing how he scored an astounding 2,740 points in the final session of a match against some unfortunate soul. For those fluent with the game, he uses the "freeze time" perk.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the video lies in the description, where thedotnetkid admits that "my best score is 3,700 points in one round." One must wonder if this guy has a day job as a stenographer.

(Via Reddit)