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Hello Kitty is harnessing solar power

The Sanrio empire continues its campaign to dominate the world by securing natural resources.


The Sanrio Empire may have seemed unusually subdued of late, but its campaign for world domination is still very much in high gear. In fact, the threat is more sever than ever, as it continues to target our natural resources.

Hello Kitty has already made her mark, so to speak, on the planet's heat sources and water supply. And now, acknowledging the green trend's growing momentum, the diabolical feline is now trying to seize control of solar energy as well.

The "Hello Kitty Solar-Power Charger" can juice up pretty much any handheld device, according to Chip Chick, whether it be a phone, media player, or camera. And if ominously dark clouds accompany the invasion, the charger can still be plugged into a DC outlet for up to six hours of power on the go. You've been warned.