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Hands-on with the Philips MCD908 home cinema micro system

Philips's MCD908 combines a valve-based preamp with a solid-state amplifier to create an interesting home cinema micro system. With DVD upscaling and a powerful sound, will you be getting a bargain for £239?

Do you think valve amps have a place in today's home cinema systems? If not, look away now, because Philips is about to annoy you.

Its MCD908 micro hi-fi is an affordable blend of DVD upscaling, DivX playback and potentially decent speakers. It claims to be an audiophile system, in part as a result of using a valve-based preamp, and while this is of course fairly gimmicky these days, its combination of neodymium ribbon tweeters, silk dome tweeters and a whopping great woofer in each 150W speaker rather makes up for it.

For £239, this extremely attractive system promises a hell of a lot of audio-visual goodness, and while it'll positively arouse those of you who draw sexual thrills from seeing good-looking equipment beside your HDTV, it may depress anyone expecting audiophile sound from a sub-£300 hi-fi.

So what's it good at? Well, it's loud, has tonnes of connectivity -- including HDMI, component and a whole bunch of audio outputs -- and it'll upscale your DVDs and videos to either 720p or 1080i. Its valves, while fundamentally pointless for anyone who isn't brain-softeningly nostalgic, do offer a certain warmth to musical playback, notably acoustic and vocal-driven stuff -- good old Alison Krauss sounded remarkably more seductive.

DVD playback, even when upscaled, was okay, but with certain issues. We saw significant interlacing artefacts around the edges of moving objects, to the extent that it became annoying. Audio performance was similar. Although capable of driving some serious volume, bands and performances sounded a little too boxed-in for us -- it didn't feel like the instruments had enough room to breathe.

But for £239, it's more than acceptable and as long as you don't fork over cash expecting an audiophile-grade hi-fi, you'll probably be happy. Did we mention it looks bloody gorgeous?

Update: A full review of the MCD908 is now available on the site. -Nate Lanxon