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Hands-on with the 16GB Corsair Flash Voyager GT

It's Bank Holiday Monday and that means three things at Crave: beer, lunch at the pub and playing tennis with flash memory sticks. We're serving up Corsair's 16GB Voyager GT

We're big fans of memory here. Remembering stuff is a fundamental part of being human and without it computers would suck. And the flash industry has really upped its game over the last couple of years, bringing the price of memory chips down while pushing their capacities up.

We're now seeing 32GB flash MP3 players from some big players: Apple and Creative, for example. But thankfully this level of flash memory is also getting shoved inside memory sticks, meaning it's quite possible to carry around portable applications, your entire My Documents folder, all your emails and even home videos. We've been having a blast with Corsair's Voyager GT and it too comes with up to a whopping 16GB capacity.

But as a bonus, all your documents can be encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption for insanely tight security, should your home-made donkey-love videos fall into the hands of Big Brother. Obviously the business applications for this security are numerous, even if you're not into the ol' quadruped bow-chicka-wow-wow.

Our tests showed fantastic performance, with read speeds averaging around 31Mbps, and write speeds around 14Mbps. That's fast. And in its rubber case it's shock- and water-resistant -- run it over in a car, take it in the shower, use it as a tennis ball. It's all good.

The Voyager GT is now available up to 16GB for around £60. -Nate Lanxon