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Guy in a mouse suit wins Super Bowl (ad, that is)

Frito-Lay hosts fan contests to create advertisements, even for events as high-profile as the Super Bowl. This year, ad called "Mouse Trap" crunches the competition.

Doritos parent company Frito-Lay has been a proponent of the user-generated TV ad for some time now. Last year, it kicked off its "Crash the Super Bowl" advertising campaign, in which ordinary people (OK, ordinary people with nice cameras and video-editing skills) created ads for the cheesy chips and submitted them to the company, where they were promptly posted on YouTube.

For Super Bowl XLII, in which many of the game's high-profile ads turned out to be disappointing or downright stupid (at least in my opinion--but the Budweiser ads were pretty good this year), the second annual "Crash the Super Bowl" ad from Doritos took the cake, er, tortilla chip. "Mouse Trap" was actually one of 2007's finalists, but many viewers, myself included, hadn't seen it yet.

Doritos also jumped into unconventional advertising when it became the "sponsor" of Stephen Colbert's tragically short-lived presidential campaign; the comedian-turned-politician proceeded to constantly and conspicuously munch on Doritos throughout the course of his Comedy Central show.

P.S.: Eat it, Pats!