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Guide to Olympics online

The Olympics are proving to be a good example of the much-heralded convergence of TV and the Net.

    The Winter Olympics have proven to be a perfect example of the much-heralded convergence of television and Internet content. Viewers have turned to the Net to find out when their favorite events are on, to gripe about the television coverage on message boards, and to find out more information about individual athletes and winter sports.

    In fact, the official Olympic site, powered by IBM technology, has already received 221.9 million hits since the games began on February 7, according to the company. The site already has had more traffic than the official site for the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, which drew 187 million hits over 16 days.

    The games and the Net are a good fit: Both are global, both have wide appeal, and both can be overwhelming. This NEWS.COM feature provides links to Web sites devoted to specific events, athletes, and general coverage. TV listings, for example, can be found at such sites as Gist and TV Guide.

    Winter Olympics on the Web
    General coverage
    Official Nagano Olympics Web Site
    Slam: Nagano Olympics 98
    The Mining Co. Special: Winter Olympics
    Canada @ Nagano
    CBS SportsLine
    ESPN SportsZone

    Biathlon Range
    International Biathlon Union
    U.S. Biathlon Team

    Jamaica Bobsled Team
    U.S. Bobsled Team
    U.S. Bobsled Federation

    U.S. Curling Team
    International Curling Information Network Group

    U.S. Luge Team
    Original Luge
    How Luge Works (unofficial)
    Virtual Luge

    Speed skating
    U.S. Speed Skating Home Page
    A Picture Guide to Speed Skating
    U.S. Speed Skating Team
    Speed Skating Information (unofficial)

    Figure Skating
    U.S. Figure Skating Team
    International Figure Skating magazine
    Michelle Kwan (unofficial)
    Tara Lipinski
    Nicole Bobek (unofficial)

    Cross-Country Skiing
    Cross Country Ski World
    U.S. Ski Team
    Cross-Country Ski World magazine
    Cross-Country Ski Information Center

    Downhill Skiing
    Mountain Zone
    Alpine World
    Olympic Alpine Skiing
    Picabo Street Web Center (unofficial)

    Ski Jumping
    Ski Jumps
    FreeStyle Skiing (unofficial)
    How do I get started in Ski Jumping? (unofficial)

    MountainZone Snowboarding
    International Snowboarder Association
    SOL Snowboarding Online
    U.S. Amateur Snowboard Association

    Canadian Hockey
    USA Hockey
    The Women's Hockey Web