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GTA Online launches -- right into an 'online' roadblock

As Rockstar predicted, an influx of eager "gangsters" and limited server space have thwarted some players from being able to load the title.

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online, an online multiplayer game that allows players to form gangs and complete new heists, is having some trouble getting the gamers online.

The title, which launched on game consoles Tuesday morning, is experiencing server issues that have locked out some gamers and made it difficult for those who have gotten in to play the game. Twitter is abuzz with complaints from gamers who say they can't get into the service.

"Well I wanted to get some GTA Online in before I had to head out to work," one Twitter user reported. "The servers didn't comply with my plan."

Rockstar, the game's creator, warned that this could happen. Last week, in fact, the company said that it was doing all it could to buy and access servers to accommodate what was expected to be massive demand for its online title. It said, however, the chances were good that there could be some connection issues early on, and it appears that this has come true.

GTA Online's launch comes a couple of weeks after Rockstar started selling Grand Theft Auto V. That title has become the biggest entertainment release of the year, generating more than $1 billion in annual sales.

Rockstar said on Monday that it will keep gamers updated on the online version's progress through its Twitter and Facebook feeds.