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Grande headphones in Sashimi: Release your inner special child

If you ever wanted to look like a prat and a DJ in one fell swoop, your long, arduous wait is over -- Boosted's Grande headphones in Sashimi are available now

Sometimes looking like an idiot can be great fun. Ken Dodd's still making a living out of it for sure. Our brothers from other mothers, Crave US, pointed us towards what may well be the most obnoxious skull accessory since Sony's it-looks-like-an-instrument-of- torture PFR-V1 headphones.

From Boosted, the Grande Headphones in Sashimi will certainly make you look 'special'. You might find that if you wear them when entering a restaurant with a friend, the waiters will address the friend to take your order ("And what will he be having?") rather than directing the question towards you.

Yet we can't help but like them. They promise a big sound with low distortion and come with line-in microphones for use with phones and MP3 players alike. Sure, people will stare, some may even assault you for looking so deliberately eccentric. But we can guarantee you will be the talk of Toy Town.

They'll cost you $79.99 (£35) and are available for order now. -Nate Lanxon