GPS Cookie tracks your trail of digital breadcrumbs

The GPS Cookie on Kickstarter logs your GPS data as you go about your business and makes it available for upload and analysis later.

GPS Cookie
Don't bite this cookie. Richard Haberkern

Sometimes, you just want to wander and not worry about maps or staring at a GPS screen. That's where a GPS data logger comes in handy. You let it handle the chore of remembering where you've been.

The GPS Cookie runs on two AAA batteries and records data onto a microSD card you supply. It records data, time, and location to track your routes, letting you build up a history of your movements. That data can then be imported into Google Earth so you can visualize your travels.

The idea behind the gadget is that you just carry it around and not worry about it until you upload the data to Google Earth and see your information. This could come in handy for travel abroad so you'll be able to locate that out-of-the-way Parisian cafe later. It can also be used to track bike routes, commutes, or just about any travel adventure.

The GPS Cookie is ready to roll and log your movements right out of the box, but tinkerers can really get into it if they want. It is both open-source and Arduino-compatible. It comes in your choice of a round shape or sandwich-bread shape.

GPS data loggers aren't new, but the Cookie makes for a simple solution for a $79 pledge. It seems to have attracted plenty of Kickstarter attention already, nearly tripling its $7,500 funding goal with 27 days to go.

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