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Got views on Vista?

The Vista Views panel is being brought together by CNET to discover what people on the street think about Microsoft's new operating system. We're looking for a range of perspectives--from beta testers to business buyers to home PC owners.

Interested in joining the panel pool? Here's how it works:

Whenever key Vista news breaks, we'll send an e-mail to contributors for their response. Sometimes, we'll ask a yes/no question and use the results as a simple poll. Other times, we'll look for more in-depth feedback on Vista current events. It doesn't matter whether you send us two pages or two sentences--we value all your comments. And if you don't have an opinion on a particular story, or you don't have time to respond, that's good too.

The feedback will often reach our readers. Our writers may quote panel remarks in stories. Or we may pull together comments--your two cents--in an article of their own. Occasionally, we'll ask contributors to take part in a weekly podcast, to discuss their views with editors and industry experts.

We want to know what our readers think, as Microsoft gets ready for one of its most important launches in years. If you haven't signed up yet, send us an e-mail to