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Got thrills and chills over the new iPad? Tell us about it

A new customer poll finds widespread satisfaction with Apple's latest iPad, but it's time for vox populi to make itself known.

By any measure, the new iPad has been a smash success, with Apple selling more than 3 million units in the product's first three days of availability.

Not surprisingly, the latest survey finds widespread customer satisfaction with the iPad compared with previous models.

The new iPad, however, comes with its own set of pros and cons. Of course, we're talking about Apple so there was still a wide range of opinion about what the company's designers got right this time and where they need to return to the drawing board. (Do I hear "iPad 4" in the offing?)

But that's fodder for another day. In the meantime, what do you like about the Apple's newest iPad? We want to give iPad owners an opportunity to rate the new iPad's top features. Let us know in the accompanying poll -- and don't forget to sound off in the talkback section below.