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Got earphones, but what about eyephones?

So you've finally found that perfect set of earphones for your digital music player. Well, the shopping might not be over if you've moved on to a music player with a video screen.

Credit: Icuiti

Rochester, N.Y.-based Icuiti is the second Computer Electronics Show vendor we've learned of that's showcasing video display headsets for use with music players and other devices.

Icuiti's DV920 Video Eyewear, an upgraded version of an earlier display, is marketed as "a home theatre experience that fits in your pocket." It can be used with DVD players, A/V cell phones, multimedia players or game consoles. And unlike Icuiti's device has two screens and the look of a pair of cool shades.

Used with the video iPod, Icuiti likens the experience to watching video content on a floating 42-inch screen. The DV920 sells for $549.