Google's revamped London offices shown off in our video

Google's London HQ has undergone a seriously cool revamp complete with coffee lab, music jamming room and deckchairs.

We've always been pretty proud of our multicoloured, open-plan offices here at CNET UK Towers -- and if you've ever seen them pop up in the background of one of one our videos you'll understand why.

Unfortunately we have been well and truly trounced in the competiton for London's coolest office space. Hit play on the video above and behold the beauty of Google London's refurbished fourth floor.

We visited Google's digs a few years back and were impressed by what we saw then, but that ain't nothing to what they've come up with this time round.

The interior bears a close resemblance to the Big Brother House in our opinion -- all that's lacking is a hot tub and some fame-hungry youths. We wouldn't put it past Google to have cameras dotted around the place though.

A sci-fi themed breakout area, a music jamming studio and a cinema-style presentation room are just some of the wacky ideas the search engine has come up with to inspire optimum creativity in its engineers -- but the perks don't end there.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate while working at your desk? Why not try sprawling on a bean bag, curling up in a deckchair or perching on a weird stool that looks like a space rock? One of them is sure to offer you the inspiration you need to run an Internet empire.

Need to recharge your batteries? Perhaps indulge in a caffeinated beverage concocted in the coffee lab, or have a catnap on one of the sauna-inspired tiered sofas.

We can only conclude that Google must truly love its employees to allow them to ponder how best to channel their creative energy from a rowing boat in an indoor park -- and we must admit, we're really quite jealous.

Are you beavering away in one of the country's coolest 9-to-5s? What office perks would make your working day go with more of a swing? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.