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Google turns on the radio

Who said anything about search? It's all about the ad dollars, baby.

That seems to be the reaction of the blogosphere to Google's announcement Tuesday that it was buying a radio advertising company.


DMarc Broadcasting's technology helps sell, schedule, deliver and report radio ads. Google said it will eventually combine the technology with its AdWords program. The company has been testing the waters with offline ads and executives said yesterday that radio "fits well with our vision."

Blog community response:

"This is the first major public statement that Google intends to be a kind of one-stop shop for its advertisers..
--Local Media Blog

"If there were any doubt that Google is primarily an advertising company, not a search company, that doubt is eliminated today."
--The Unofficial Google Weblog

"Perfect way for Google to expand their horizons, in my eyes. Some people might see this as a step back, with more adoption going into satellite radio than traditional radio. Satellite is expensive, though, and sometimes quantity is the goal, even if short term. Who knows, maybe in the future we'll see Google television.."