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Google, Switchboard team on ads

Search company Google and Switchboard, a telephone directory site, said Friday that the two have partnered to deliver text-based advertisements to visitors of Switchboard's online directory. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Under the partnership, Switchboard licenses Mountain View, Calif.-based Google's AdSense program, or text-based ads targeted to appear on relevant Web pages. For example, an ad for a national flower chain might appear to the side of a Web page displaying results for a local florist. Google's roughly 100,000 advertisers may bid for placement on pages related to keywords, such as "flower," and pay only when people click on the ads. Google and Westboro, Mass.-based Switchboard split the fees from clicks.

The deal marks Google's latest win with advertising distribution partners. Switchboard allows Google to reach an added 5 million people monthly with its ads.