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Google newspaper ads

Google is expanding its advertising reach to include newspapers. The search giant is running classified-like ads in the pages of the Chicago Sun Times, according to a report in Chicago Business.

"The deal, terms of which were not disclosed, allows Google to fill what's known as 'remnant space' in the Sun Times--unsold space where the paper would normally run in-house ads," the report says. A Google spokesman confirmed the "limited test."

This isn't Google's first foray into the print world. Last summer the company quietly began running ads from AdWords customers in PC Magazine and Maximum PC.

The company makes nearly all of its revenue from online advertising, which has in general been eroding the business of print advertising. Now, Google is applying its technology and ad network to make money from ads in print publications.

The irony was not lost on Sun Times Publisher John Cruickshank, who was quoted in Chicago Business as joking, "We were eager to help them shut us down...They're buying ads. We like that."