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Smart Home

Google Home welcomes up to six users in the UK

The tabletop smart assistant can now distinguish between different users' voices.


Party for six: Google Home now welcomes multiple users.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

There's a party at mine and five of you are invited.

Google Home now supports up to six different users at once in the UK, the internet giant said on Tuesday.

The company launched Google Home, its voice assistant-equipped smart home hub and rival to Amazon's Echo, in the UK in March. But support for multiple users was missing, even though it was already available in the US where Google Home was released in November 2016.

Multiple user support allows up to six people to connect their Google accounts to the tabletop device at the same time. It means Google Home can recognise multiple voices and the personal playlists, commute times and schedules associated with them. It ultimately makes Google Home more family friendly and less of a bachelor pad gadget.

To allow more people to connect their accounts to a single device, you'll all need the Google Home app on your phone and will need to ensure multiple users are enabled. Once your account is connected you'll be able to set your personal preferences and teach Google Home to recognise your voice by saying "OK Google" or "Hey Google" two times.

Your voice will be analysed by a neural network that will pinpoint certain characteristics of your voice and will teach your Google Home to look out for these in future.

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