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Google Glass spurs battle for eyeballs

Amazon may have its eyes on a phone, but other gadget makers have sights set on computerized eyeware -- riding the coattails of the Google Glass buzz.

Friday's news roundup will have you eyeing Google's competition:

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We've sung this tune before: Amazon is tinkering with creating its own smartphone. A recent Bloomberg report has the media buzzing again about the possibility, but we first heard this last year from an analyst. If true, would Amazon knock Windows from the No. 3 spot? I think we're just hungry for more choice.

Google wasn't the first company to tinker with a computerized headset for augmented-reality vision. With all the buzz on Google Glass, Olympus felt confident about sharing news on its Glass-like prototype. And Apple filed a patent for a head-mounted display apparatus back in 2006, but the patent was granted this week. But you know who had the first augmented reality headset? Star Trek, of course. Wesley Crusher warned us in the episode "The Game." But we just didn't listen.

Netflix is having a good week, it just saw customers stream one billion hours of video in the past month.

Be sure to download updates to Windows come Tuesday. Microsoft is releasing a patch to fix nine security issues, and one vulnerability is tied to Internet Explorer 9.

And if you're an AT&T customer and your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can report it to AT&T to prevent anyone from using that device. It's a new method for discouraging theft, because who would want a phone that's been bricked? Expect other carriers to roll out a similar service.

And we end on great news! Timescapes is the first 4k resolution movie the public can purchase. Even though you don't have a 4K TV to view it on, you'll so be on the cutting edge.

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