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Google Gift Cards get UK pricing

They'll come in denominations of £10, £25, or £50 when they finally launch, according to the Google Play support page.

Google's yet-to-launch gift cards have been given UK pricing. According to Google's support page, you'll soon be able to buy vouchers for Google Play in denominations of £10, £25, or £50, Android Central reports.

The amounts aren't exactly the same as those in the US, where they have a $15 one as well. Now, all we need is for the vouchers to actually go on sale, and we'll be golden.

The last thing we heard regarding the gift cards hitting the UK was back in December, when the redemption page went live on the Google Wallet site for Brits. The page is of no use without a gift card, but still, it hinted Google could launch the cards in time for Christmas. But it didn't. Maybe it had its hands full worrying about Nexus 4 shortages. Still though, it could start selling them in time for Easter.

The Android-maker hasn't hung about launching other Google Play services recently. Play Music (née Google Music) launched in the UK back in November, and Play Magazines hit these shores about a month later.

Apple offers iTunes Gift Cards ranging from £15 to £100. It also famously rewards landmark shoppers with $10,000 vouchers, as it did last March, when one lucky person snaffled the 25 billionth download.

Google is increasingly moving into hardware, so it'd make sense to offer gift cards outside the US. Its Android OS accounts for three out of four smart phones, so there'd be no shortage of demand. The Nexus 4 has been almost permanently out of stock since it went on sale from Google Play, as the Big G offers it far cheaper than anywhere else. If it can do the same with other devices, I'm sure those gift cards would fly off the virtual shelves.

What would you spend Google credit on if you were given one? Let me know in the comments, or over on Facebook.