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Google gets more mobile

On Thursday, Google announced a new Mobile page, to allow cell phone users to access Gmail, news, RSS feeds and other information.


Google's certainly been interested in mobile markets lately. The announcement followed a deal with Research In Motion to add Google services to the BlackBerry, and a deal with Motorola to add a Google search button to certain phones.

Bloggers were excited by the new service, noting that it's aim seems clear--to make the company as dominant in mobile venues as it is on the desktop. The only criticism--why didn't Google come out with all this news at the Consumer Electronics Show?

Blog community response:

"Instead of promoting new software in a hot area (mobile devices) and Mac stuff, which always gets good press, they announce an understocked video store and a lame software bundle. What were they thinking?!"

"Google's plan is pretty clear (and so is Yahoo's for that matter) — push mobile operators aside and become the face of the mobile Internet."

"Now here's something I just might start using right away, because, honestly, I hate my Treo, it promises so much, and delivers so little. Why? Because I am a mobile moron - it's too much work to make it work right. Might Google help me with this? We'll find out."
--John Battelle's Searchblog