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Google Contacts info now showing up in Google+

Address book details from your Google Contacts will now start appearing on your Google+ page, though of course only you'll be able to see it.


Those of you who use Google Contacts as an address book will now be able to see your contacts' address and phone numbers directly in Google+.

Many people, myself included, use Google Contacts as an online repository to store a personal address book for my family, friends, and colleagues. As of Monday, that address book information will be accessible on your Google+ page, according to Google.

So instead of having to bounce over to Google Contacts to find someone's address or phone number, you can simply grab it within Google+ by clicking on the About tab in the person's profile and looking for the section labeled "Details from Google Contacts."

Of course, such information will be for "your eyes only," according to Google.

I checked out the feature with a few people in my address book but but didn't find their contact information in their Google+ profiles. Google did note that the rollout isn't yet finished, so it may take awhile for the feature to spread out to all Google+ users.